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Soma depends some assemblies.
This document describes how to setup.


The Soma assembly is Soma.Core.
Its file placed in the following folder of the distribution zip file.
  • .\bin\Release
The Soma assembly is also installable with NuGet.
Soma.Core depends following assemblies.

Name Version Distribution Site
FSharp.PowerPack (built against .net 4) For convenient, included in lib folder of the distribution zip file.
mscorlib Included in .NET 4
System Included in .NET 4
System.Core Included in .NET 4
System.Data Included in .NET 4
System.Numerics Included in .NET 4
System.Transactions Included in .NET 4

FSharp.PowerPack downloadable from CodePlex is built against .net 2.0. Use the one built against .net 4.

You might need some other assemblies.

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